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      DORNIER Makina Ltd. Sti. (TürkDO)

      Istanbul, Turkey

      Our branch office in Turkey was opened in 2007 to further improve contact with this important market. The comprehensive service from purchase to spare parts is covered entirely by the experienced workforce in the country.

      Primary activities in Istanbul

      • Weaving machine
      • Sales and Marketing
      • Commissioning
      • Training
      • Service activities


      Have you purchased a new DORNIER weaving machine or hired new personnel who are not familiar with the latest technology?

      In order to guarantee that you get the best use and the longest service life from your weaving machinery, we have developed special courses for you and your operating personnel. Qualified and experienced instructors are available to lead these courses in our modern training center at Lindau. There, we regularly offer courses which deal with every aspect of the weaving machine and will provide you with the latest theoretical and practical knowledge.

      Alternatively, you can also commission topic- or machine-specific training courses for your personnel at your location. We will be glad to discuss and develop a training concept with you which is tailored to your specific needs. Because well trained personnel is an invaluable asset for the long-term development of your company.

      We offer the following instruction courses:

      • Master course for rapier weaving machines
      • Master course for air jet weaving machines
      • Individual weaving machine course
      • Special course on the gearbox/clutch-brake combination
      • Electricians' course

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      Your direct contact with us

      DORNIER Makina Ltd. Sti.
      Oru? Reis Mahallesi
      Giyimkent Sitesi 6. Sokak B64 No. 38-40
      34235 Esenler/Istanbul, Türkiye

      Telephone:?+90 212 4266 998
      Telefax: ? ?? +90 212 6011 603

      Lindau on Lake Constance

      All DORNIER machines and systems are made entirely in Germany. Besides the company headquarters in Lindau, there is one other production facility in Esseratsweiler, just outside of Lindau.

      Esseratsweiler, Germany

      In Esseratsweiler, close to Lindau, film stretching plants and drying plants are built and assembled.

      Mumbai, India

      The subsidiary company DORNIER Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in August 2005 and currently employs 17 people.