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      The 3D Weaving Machine

      Production technology for complex 3D fabrics

      The 3D weaving machine from DORNIER Composite Systems? is used to manufacture multilayer textiles with complex structure for composite reinforcements. Notable features of the system include digital weave pattern programming, flexible shed geometry and rigid rapier motion for low filamentation. A horizontal take-off is also available for very thick fabrics.

      DORNIER 3D weaving machine

      System concept

      The thread material is provided through a creel. A highly flexible Jacquard machine is used for the shedding. The rapier head draws the filling material into the open shed without any additional guide elements. For thick fabrics, an integrated guide and horizontal product take-up is available. Many add-on modules from the standard product program are also available for our 3D weaving machine.

      DORNIER Composite Systems? machines are designed for specific applications, so the machinery equipment can sometimes vary widely. But all DORNIER machines and systems have two features in common: exceptional quality and reliability.

      Horizontal product take-off system

      Your added value

      • High degree of flexibility regarding weave patterns and thread material
      • Rigid mono-rapier for low filamentation
      • High reproducibility
      • Complex thread architectures and lattice-like preforms
      • Reinforcing threads in X-, Y- and Z-directions
      • High-performance multilayer fabrics
      • Horizontal product take-off for high product quality



      Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
      Rickenbacher Str. 119
      88131 Lindau, Germany

      Telephone:?? +49 8382 703 1725
      Telefax: ? ? ? ?+49 8382 703 17725


      Telephone:?? +49 8382 703 1725
      Telefax: ? ? ? ?+49 8382 703 17725


      Download the 3D weaving machine brochure here.

      3D weaving machine brochure