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      A1 air-jet weaving machine


      DORNIER A1 air-jet weaving machine

      DORNIER SyncroDrive? drive concept

      The new, patented DORNIER SyncroDrive? drive concept with energy efficiency class EFF1 motors increases speeds by up to 10 % with minimum heat development and the same energy requirement. The patented drive is very gentle on materials, which significantly improves the service life of shedding elements. This in turn extends machine service life and helps to reduce operating costs, delivering the highest function and quality reliability in fabric production.

      Weft insertion

      Weft insertion

      The fast-reaction DORNIER ServoControl? automatic pressure control, two optional relay nozzles per valve and pneumatic filling thread clamp that runs without any holding air at all not only reduce air consumption but also lower air pressure decisively.

      This helps not only to optimize the energy technology of the compressor plant and improve gentle yarn handling, with positive effects on raw materials, resources and manufacturing costs.


      Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
      Rickenbacher Str. 119
      88131 Lindau, Germany

      Telephone:?? +49 8382 703 1611
      Telefax: ? ? ? ?+49 8382 703 1368


      Telephone:?? +49 8382 703 1312
      Telefax: ? ? ? ?+49 8382 703 1424


      Download the A1 air-jet weaving machine brochure here.

      A1 air-jet weaving machine brochure